Customers Screen

Using the ‘Customers’ screen, you can view everyone who has signed up to your promotions. This will display all subscribers, for all your campaigns.

Included in this screen will be:
-Date of signup
-Email used
-Campaign name
-Integration status
-Subscription status
-Code given out

The integration status will only be filled in if you are using one of the Email Marketing Provider integrations, and will let you know if your subscribers were received by your provider, and which provider (in case you are using multiple for different campaigns).

The subscription status shows to what stage the customer has interacted with your promotion - whether they have only opened the email, or if they have clicked through and received the code.

There are dropdowns to sort this data by each campaign, ASIN, subscription status or integration status at the top, these will help you to review a particular campaigns progress, or to look into why some subscriptions are failing.

CSV Export
Also on the ‘Customers’ screen is the option for a CSV Export. Using this you can download all customer data into an easy to use spreadsheet. This is useful for importing your subscribers elsewhere, storing the information, or to help you build charts and graphs about your campaigns progress.

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