Account Settings Screen

This article will explain in greater detail the options available to you in your Account Settings area.

This is where you can modify settings for your account, and things that apply to all campaigns you create.

1.Your Account
The “Your Account” area is where we store your personal information. This is also where you will need to go to change your password. The email provided here is where we will send you notifications about your campaigns, and billing information.

2. Email Settings
This area determines the information included in the emails Landing Cube sends to your subscribers collecting your promos. This information will only be used if you have “Verify email address” enabled.

You can customize the name, and email that will be used when sending, and the subject line of your emails. Remember these settings affect all your campaigns, but you can use the {product_name} merge field to make it more specific. You can change this for specific campaigns when you create a landing page. 

3. Anti-Abuse
The Anti-Abuse settings are to help you prevent users from providing bad emails, or collecting multiple promos, to protect your inventory.

You can enable the option to limit 1 promo, based on the email provided, and/or the IP address of the device used. These options are off by default.

You can also block obvious trash, or temporary, emails from collecting your promo. When enabled Landing Cube will reject emails from a large list of known disreputable senders. This is enabled by default.

4. Notifications
This where you can enable and disable notifications we send to you about your active campaigns. These notifications will be sent to the email provided in the “Your Account” area.

5. Membership
This area will let you view or change your membership plan, billing, and payment options. 

This is where you ensure your landing pages are compliant with the EU GDPR. Here you can give your customers the option to log their consent to having their email stored for future marketing purposes. You can also customize the wording of the consent statement, in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.

7. Extras
This section is where you can enable/disable several optional extra features, such as the Custom CSS editor on your Design page.

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