How to use the LandingCube WordPress Plugin

This article will cover using the LandingCube WordPress Plugin. Once installed the plugin is a super simple way to add campaigns directly to your site.

The plugin is available here in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Install and activate the plugin like any other free WordPress plugin. Then login and begin publishing your Campaigns.

1 Install

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New, and search for LandingCube. Install and Activate.

Or download the plugin from the link above in order to manually install and activate it.

2 Setup

Once activated "LandingCube" will be available in your sidebar. Click here to login. Once Logged in we will automatically fetch all your Campaigns. (Campaigns that are still drafts will not be seen here)

3 Publish

After logging on you may publish your campaigns 2 different methods. Either to a custom URL (this may be a new URL, or already exist on your site). Or you may replace your homepage.

Select the proper Campaign and save. Visit the Campaign and make sure everything is working.

This method has some advantages over an iframe embed code. Your pages should load faster, and they will always be full width, and fully responsive. No matter what theme you use. As such be sure to use our navigation options when editing your campaign, if you want viewers to be able to navigate to the rest of your site.

That's all it takes to begin publishing your LandingCube Campaigns in your WordPress site. Always make sure your Campaigns are running before driving any traffic to them.

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support Here.

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