How to Create a Click-to-Messenger JSON Ad with LandingCube

Note - If you signed up before June 4th 2020, Messenger campaigns and integrations are only available on our Full-Time Seller and Large Business plans.

Note: If you signed up after June 4th 2020, Messenger campaigns and integrations are available on all plans.

As an alternative to delivering coupons on a landing page, you can set up a Facebook Ad that automatically opens a Messenger conversation with your customer. An automated bot sequence then delivers a single-use coupon code to the customer inside the conversation, followed by a link to your Amazon listing.

Click-to-Messenger Ads, also known as JSON Ads, are a very low-friction way to distribute coupon codes, and can be great for product launches or high-velocity campaigns targeted at increasing sales.

To begin, click “New Campaign”, and select “Click-to-Messenger Ad”.

Next, enter your Amazon product URL as normal. Click “New Campaign” once the import is complete.

You will be prompted to sign in to your Facebook account. This should be a Facebook account that is able to post from your business’ Facebook page.

Enter your promo details, such as regular price, discounted price/discount %, and campaign run times. Finally, select the Facebook page you want to post from. This will be the page that your customer interacts with inside of Messenger.

The next step is to set up your bot sequences and integrations.

There are two chatbot sequences you can set up:

  • The coupon claim sequence (the sequence that activates when a customer clicks on your ad
  • A coupon claim followup (optional)

This is intended to send a reminder to your customer about their coupon code, as people on Facebook are not always ready to buy then and there, and therefore may claim a coupon but forget to use it.

You can choose how many hours following the original claim to trigger this sequence, however it should be within less than 24 hours, to comply with Facebook’s Messenger chatbot policies.

Learn more about Facebook’s chatbot regulations here:

Next, you can integrate your ManyChat account with your LandingCube campaign.

Note: ManyChat API integration requires a pro ManyChat account. Your chatbot sequences will still operate without a ManyChat integration, and your Messenger campaigns will show up in ManyChat. However, you will be unable to automatically tag subscribers through LandingCube.

To connect your ManyChat account, log in to ManyChat, click “Settings” then “API” to get your API token. Paste the token in the field provided. A blue checkmark will indicate your account has been connected successfully.

You may wish to add a tag to your subscribers. After setting up your tag in ManyChat, it will be available to choose from by clicking on the “Tag” field.

You can tag either successful coupon claims or unsuccessful claims (most likely caused by running out of coupons or your campaign reaching the daily coupon limit).

The final step under Integrations is to add a Redirect URL. This is the link your customer will go to when they click “Go To Amazon”. This is commonly used to add a URL that helps you increase sales. 

If you leave this feature off, the call-to-action will go straight to the regular product listing URL.

Upload your single-use promo codes at the final step, and hit “Save” when done. Click “View Publishing Options” to reveal the JSON code you will need to connect the sequence to your Facebook ad.

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad

To create your ad, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and begin a new ad.

Campaign Objective: the best objective to set for this type of ad is "Messages". This will optimize your ad for viewers most likely to interact with your Messenger bot.

At the “Ad Set” level, choose "Click to Messenger" as your message destination. 

Move on to the “Ad” level. Under “Identity”, select the Facebook page used when setting up your campaign.

Set up the creative elements of your ad as you wish (be sure to be clear about your product and the offer presented).

When you get to “Messenger Template”, choose “Advanced Setup”.

Clear the code shown, and paste the code from your LandingCube campaign (you can get this code again by clicking “More Actions” and “Publish” on the Dashboard).

You may wish to preview how your chatbot sequence will appear. You can do so by clicking “Preview in Messenger”, to the right of the JSON Message Setup.

Once you are happy with your ad, click “Confirm” to publish your ad.

This is all you need to set up a coupon distribution JSON Ad. You will be able to track the number of promos claimed on your Dashboard. However, be aware that we are unable to give stats on campaign views (and therefore conversion rate).

To calculate your campaign's conversion rate, use the statistics from within Facebook Ads manager, combined with the number of coupon claims.

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