How to Set a Max Order Quantity

When you're running a high-value promotion with LandingCube, it's advisable to set up a Max Order Quantity for your product.

This is because, although single-use promo codes can only be used once, there is no limit on how many products can be ordered in one purchase.

If you have a single-use code for 90% off, it could theoretically be used to buy your entire inventory of this product, at a 90% discount.

A Max Order Quantity will limit how many units can be bought by one buyer. Thus protecting your inventory against bad actors and hijackers.

How to Set Max Order Quantity on Amazon

On your Seller Central Dashboard, find “Inventory”, and select “Manage Inventory”.

From the Manage Inventory screen, find the listing you would like to limit, and click “Edit”.

On the next screen, select the “Orders” tab. Scroll down, and near the bottom you will find Max Order Quantity.

Set your desired quantity, and hit “Save and Close”.

To double check your product limit has been applied properly, try browsing as a buyer and adding more than the limit to your cart on Amazon. You should get an error message saying this product has a limit per customer.

If you’re setting a max order limit for a promotion, don’t forget to reset the limit after the promotion’s done. The more products you can sell at full price, the better!

Additionally, if you’re running a promo campaign with LandingCube, don’t forget you can set a limit on how many promo codes can be given out each day.

Set your daily promo code limit at the last step before publishing your campaign. Turn on “Daily promo code limit”, and enter how many you want to give out maximum each day.

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