How to Use LandingCube's URL Builder Feature

Note: If you signed up before June 5th 2020, our URL builder for Campaigns is available only on our Full-Time Seller and Large Business plans.

Note: If you signed up after June 5th 2020, our URL builder for Campaigns is available on all plans.

As part of their promotions, many sellers use special URLs that target keywords, or send customers through a particular sales path.

LandingCube has a feature that enables you to create URLs and Add to Cart URLs directly in campaign creation.

All regular URLs and URLs on LandingCube pages work as deeplinks - meaning if someone clicks the link on mobile and has the Amazon shopping app installed, the link will open in the app.

This article will walk you through the setup of each URL.

To reveal the URL builder, create or edit your landing page, navigate to "Publish", and look for "Claim Settings".

Once enabled, you can choose your type of URL:

  • Plain Amazon Product URL
  • Add to Cart URL
  • Buy Together URL
  • Any URL (this is a free field, for you to input any URL you like)
  • Amazon Attribution (Beta mode)

Plain Amazon Product URL

The plain Amazon URL for the product listing you provided.

Add to Cart URL

This URL will send the customer through to a screen prompting them to add the product to their cart. 

Each field here is populated already. Just choose the quantity you would like to be added to the cart, and test through the preview link.

Buy Together URL

The Buy Together URL is an add-to-cart URL that prompts the customer to add two different ASINs to their shopping cart.

This URL is not for specific keywords, as the previous other URLs are, but is effective if you're promoting package deals, and trying to upsell purchases. It can also be effective at creating a "frequently bought together" connection on your listing between these products.


If you would like to use your own URL as the Redirect URL, you can do so. Select "Any URL" from the dropdown menu, and add your URL in the field provided. 

Amazon Attribution

This new feature allows you to create Amazon Attribution links at the click of a button.

To activate the integration, just go into your account settings and connect to the Attribution API.

Once you've successfully connected your account, you can create standalone Attribution links for any of your products, as well as Attribution tags for your landing pages.

Integrating with Amazon Attribution will allow you to track actual sales for your external traffic campaigns.

This is vital if you want to know the real performance of your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email campaigns, or whatever else you're doing to drive traffic.

You'll also be able to earn a portion of your seller fees back through the Brand Referral Bonus program.

This feature is still in beta, so expect more improvements and additions to be added in the coming months.

Amazon Attribution is available on LandingCube Individual and Business subscription levels. Your brand must also have access to Attribution, by being registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

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