How to Use LandingCube's Follow-up Email Feature

LandingCube offers an automated follow-up email that can be sent to your customers, after they have claimed a coupon code.

Users have the ability to send one email, which will be sent via LandingCube's email provider.

You can choose to enable or disable the follow-up email under the "Integrations" tab when editing or creating your page.

 Here you can choose how long after the customer claims a coupon the email will be sent (make sure you wait enough time for the customer to receive and use their product before asking for a review).

Click "View Follow-Up Email Settings" to customize your email.

We include a template for you, but feel free to edit this to fit your brand's voice.

It is recommended that you change the "From" Name and "Reply-to" Email to your business' own. This will help you grow your brand recognition, and open up marketing and communication channels with your customers.

When editing your copy, ensure your wording stays in line with the Amazon Terms of Service. Don't ask for only positive feedback or reviews, and don't offer your customers and incentive for leaving a review.

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