What Happens When My Promo Page Reaches The Daily Coupon Limit?

Your landing pages have the option to set a daily limit for the number of codes you wish to give out. 

This means, for example, if you set a limit of 10 codes per day, once 10 have been claimed, your campaign will be paused until the next day (taken as 12 am Pacific).

If someone tries to claim a coupon before the limit resets, they will be shown a screen telling the customer that the sale has ended "Sorry, no remaining codes. Please check back tomorrow.". If you have email opt-in enabled, it will prompt the customer to enter their email.

Viewers who enter their email in this step will not be automatically notified when the limit resets. You can, however, contact these customers manually if you wish.

You can find all of your leads in the individual campaign's Analytics section under "People" or under the “Customers” tab, next to your Dashboard. 

Here it will show the customer’s email, and under “Status” it will say “out of coupons”. This allows you to see all the customers who attempted to claim a code, and if you wish, reach out to them to provide a coupon.

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