How to Drive Traffic to your Amazon Listing

This article is going to go over the basics to driving traffic from external sources (outside of Amazon) to your Amazon listing. For more in-depth advice, check out our LandingCube Academy guide on How to Drive External Traffic.

Choosing the Right Channel(s)

There are plenty of external channels Amazon sellers can advertise on, and some will be more effective for some sellers than others.

It’s advisable if you are just starting out with external advertising, to choose one or two channels to focus on at first. Eventually, you will experiment with different sources, and find what is best for your business.

Email is a great place to start if you have an email list already. It requires a very low cost to operate, which is why email marketing offers a high ROI (return on investment) compared to other forms of advertising.

Facebook Ads are the most popular for businesses trying to capture new customers. Facebook offers a massive user base, as well as complex targeting options which allow you to get your ads in front of the right people.

Instagram and Pinterest are niche options that work best for sellers who have visually appealing products. While these channels may not be effective for all businesses, they offer high levels of engagement and click-through rates if done right.

Other popular channels for external advertising include Blogs, Google AdWords and paid Influencer Partnerships.


Getting your ads in front of the people most likely to want to buy your products is the most important part of advertising. Targeting your ads correctly will make a huge difference in your conversions, and can cut a lot from your ad spend.

If you have a sales history on Amazon, you can build a Facebook custom audience or lookalike audience based on your past customers. See our guide on Facebook retargeting here:

Alternatively, driving traffic to your landing page can help you to refine your targeting audience. Use the Facebook Pixel on your page to track key events, and create custom audiences with the data gathered.

Testing/Finding What Works

It’s important to approach external advertising with an experimental mindset. Your first attempts may not be successful, but you should try different things until you find what works. 

This includes testing different traffic sources, target audiences, and creative (copywriting, visuals). 

View our guide on Split Testing creative elements of Facebook ads:

See the guides mentioned, and more resources for external traffic campaigns at:

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