Why Did I Get a Duplicate Code?

LandingCube is designed to send out unique, single-use promo codes. Because of this, each promo code you upload should only be sent out once.

it should not be possible with our software for the same code to be given out twice. Our coupon delivery software is also designed to detect and remove duplicate codes from your coupon code file. 

If you see this happening, it is most likely due to our Anti-Abuse features.

This is designed to block people from claiming multiple codes from the same IP address and/or email address.

If the settings are enabled (they are by default), anyone trying to claim a code who has done so earlier, will still receive the same code. This will still be the case even if you delete the old codes and/or upload a new set of codes.

The IP and/or email block will only be reset if the person claims a coupon on a different campaign. This includes if you duplicate the original campaign.

If you find that multiple customers are all getting the same code, please get in touch with our support team, and if possible, provide the coupon code file uploaded to your landing page.

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