My Promo Email Is Not Being Sent

This article is to diagnose the problem when your customers do not receive an email when claiming their coupon code.

First, under the "Integrations" tab when creating your landing page, check that “Require email opt-in” and “Verify email address” are selected. 

The first option requires the customer to input their email address to claim a coupon. While the “Verify email address” option sets it so codes are sent to the customer by email. Without this enabled, the code will be generated directly on the landing page.

The email is still not being sent?

The common issue is that you are trying to test your landing page from the same IP address. Default settings block multiple claims from the same IP (and email). To check your settings, go to “Account Settings”, then “Anti-Abuse”.

To test your email multiple times from the same IP address, you can temporarily turn off the IP limit setting.

If your problem persists, feel free to contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help.

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