Understanding the Customers Status Tab

This article is to explain what the different “status” options mean when viewing the list of your Customers.

There are two statuses shown. “Integration Status” and just “Status”.

“Status” refers to which stage the customer is at for claiming their coupon.

Email delivered: our email provider has received confirmation that the promo email has been delivered.

Email opened: it is confirmed that the customer has received and opened the promo email.

Coupon viewed: the customer has claimed and viewed the coupon through their email, but has not clicked through to Amazon 

Viewed coupon: the customer has viewed the coupon but hasn’t clicked through (for pages that don’t require the coupon to be sent via email)

Out of coupons: the customer attempted to claim a coupon, but could not (this could be due to no coupons remaining, the daily limit reached, or the sale has ended/not yet started/paused).

Email queued: our email provider has received the address and will send soon.

An email may show as being queued if there is an unusually large load on the email server. In this case, the email will be queued and sent once the server load has eased.

Email failed: the coupon email was not able to be sent. Most often, there is a problem with the destination address (such as an email address that doesn't exist). Otherwise, there may be a server issue on either side.

Email dropped: similar to "email failed". For some reason, the email could not be delivered to the recipient. It may have been an incorrect email provided (this is the most common reason). It could also be that the customer's mailbox settings have blocked them from receiving the email, or they have blacklisted the sending address (or marked it as spam).

In the last three cases, it means the customer's promo email has not been sent. The most common reason is that they provided an incorrect email address, or have their mailbox settings set to stop promotional emails.

It's important to note that the statuses shown are only what has been confirmed by our provider. It is possible events (customer receiving or opening an email) can be hidden, due to an ad blocker or incognito browsing. For this reason, it may not be 100% accurate.

“Integration Status” refers to the stage of the customer being added to your email provider’s list.

If you don’t have an email provider set up, or if you don’t require an email optin, this field will be blank.

Otherwise, the options will be:

“Received by [email provider]”

“Failed to add to [email provider]”

If it says “received”, the customer’s email should be synced with your email list.

If it says “failed to add to …”, something has stopped the customer from being added to your email list. This could be

  • You have a double opt-in checked, and the customer declined to be added to the list
  • The customer is already a part of your list
  • There has been an issue on your email provider’s side (if so, please contact your provider’s support)

Problems, or questions? Feel free to contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help.

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