How To Use Our Amazon Link Shortener

As part of your promotions, you may be interested to use special URLs that target keywords or send customers through a particular sales path.

LandingCube has an Amazon Link Shortener feature that enables you to create additional URLs and Add to Cart URLs.

All our regular URLs and additional URLs on LandingCube pages and links work as deeplinks - this means if someone clicks the link on mobile and has the Amazon shopping app installed, the link will open in the Amazon app.

To find the Amazon Link Shortener page, click on the "Links" button on the top of your LandingCube main screen and then click "New Link".

You will then see a screen with the different types of URLs that are available to build.

After picking your URL of choice, you will be brought to a screen to enter the Amazon Product URL you wish to promote. Enter your URL in the space provided and then click "New Link" at the bottom once the product data has successfully imported.

On the next page, you will have the opportunity to enter additional information relative to your link. We recommend previewing your link to ensure it is working as planned. Once finished, click "Save & Continue".

The next screen will give you an opportunity to integrate more aspects of your link. Once you have finished adding your details, click "Save & Continue".

On the final page, you will have an opportunity to adjust the "Image", "Headline" and "Description" of your link. Keep in mind there is limited space on some platforms for "Descriptions" over a certain number of characters.

You can also choose to set the "Domain" to something more fitting for your link eg "". For more information click this link How to Connect Your Own Domain in LandingCube

Once finished editing your details you can click "Publish" to complete the setup.

Then on your "Links" main screen, you will be able to track the "Clicks" and "Unique Clicks"

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