Facebook Ads Quick Start Guide

If you're new to Facebook Ads, follow this guide for the broad strokes on how to set up your first campaign with Facebook Ads and LandingCube.

Pre-start Checklist

Do these things before starting your Facebook Ads campaign:

✔️Account Setup

Create a Facebook page for your business, a business manager account and a Facebook Ad account.

Watch this video to learn how to set up these accounts.

✔️Facebook Pixel

Add your Facebook Pixel to your LandingCube landing page.

Watch this video to learn how to set up your Facebook Pixel.

✔️Connect Your Domain

To make it easier to get your ads approved, as well as to provide the best, on-brand customer experience, you should always connect a custom subdomain to your landing page. Learn how to connect a custom subdomain here.

FB Ads Step One: Campaign Objective

  • Choose your marketing objective
    • For your first campaign, choose the Traffic objective.
    • For a Messenger campaign, choose the Messages objective
  • Next, give your campaign a name to easily identify it (e.g. Product X LandingCube Launch)
  • Hit Continue to go to the next step.

FB Ads Step Two: Ad Set & Targeting

  • Name your ad set
  • For the Traffic heading, choose Website (for landing page or link campaigns) or Messenger for Messenger campaigns
  • Move to the Audience heading
    • If you have a customer list or past Amazon sales, start by targeting a lookalike audience based on this.
    • If you don’t have a list, or don’t have enough past sales to build a lookalike audience, use demographic/interest/behavior targeting
      • Layer several factors on top of each other to narrow down your audience
      • Use the Audience Size graphic on the side to see how big your potential audience is. Try and find a balance between Specific and Broad.
      • Be sure to only target the country you’re selling in (i.e. USA for Amazon.com)
      • Add “Amazon.com” as an interest to narrow your audience to people who are used to shopping on Amazon
      • See this video for more tips on cold audience targeting
    • Placements: keep Automatic Placements selected at first (you can test different placements at a later time)
    • Budgets & Optimization: Optimize your page for Landing Page Views (change this to Conversations for Messenger campaigns).
    • Set a daily/lifetime budget based on how much you’re willing to spend on this ad campaign (exact budget will vary from seller to seller, depending on your available capital and profit margins)
  • Click Continue to move on to the next page

FB Ads Step Three - Ad

  • Ad Name - if you plan on testing multiple ads (creative, copy), give your ad an identifiable name
  • Identity - choose the Facebook Page for your brand, as well as your Instagram account (if you have one)
  • Format - start with the Single Image or Video format.
  • Media - upload your ad creative
    • See this video for tips on effective Facebook Ad creative
  • Text & Links
    • Write your Ad Copy in the Primary Text box
      • See this video for tips on effective Facebook Ad copy
    • You can add your own headline in the Headline box - otherwise the ad will take the title from your landing page
    • Destination - Choose Website for your destination, and put your landing page URL in the Website URL box
      • It is highly recommended that you connect your domain within LandingCube and publish your landing page to a custom subdomain. This will make it easier for you to get your ad approved
      • See this article to learn how to connect a custom subdomain
  • Finally, review your ad and hit Confirm to finish.

Facebook Ads Resources

Amazon Landing Page Tool: LandingCube - landingcube.com

Facebook Ads for Beginners: Video Course - lncb.me/fb-ads-1/

Effective Facebook Marketing for Amazon: Video Course (Advanced): lncb.me/fb-ads-2/

How to Create a Lookalike Audience from Amazon Customers: lncb.me/lookalike/

Amazon Facebook Ads: Extended Walkthrough: landingcube.com/traffic/amazon-facebook-ads

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