How to Distribute Rebates

With LandingCube's rebate campaigns, you'll offer rebates (cashback after purchase) to shoppers who participate in your promotion.

When your customer claims their rebate, they'll be asked to purchase the product at full price, then provide their Order ID on the landing page.

Once they do that, their PayPal email, Order ID and the rebate amount/currency will be recorded in your LandingCube account.

You can access this info by navigating to the Customers heading at the top of your screen, and clicking on Rebate Pages. Here you can filter by campaign, ASIN and claim status, and download a CSV of your customers.

Another way to access your claim data is from the per-campaign analytics screen. From your dashboard, find the relevant campaign, and click the icon to go to the analytics dashboard.

From the analytics dashboard, click the People heading.

Now you can view all people who opted in to this promotion, with their email/order ID. Click Download CSV to get all your customers in an Excel/Google Sheets file.

Paying Your Rebates

Once people opt in to your rebate promotion, it's your responsibility to pay out rebates to these customers.

The recommended way to do this is with PayPal. Your landing page will ask customers to provide their PayPal email, for easy facilitation of rebates.

To distribute rebates with PayPal, download your customers CSV, and use this info to verify the order IDs are correct, and create a PayPal payment for each rebate claim.

Be sure to create a system to record when each rebate has been paid, to protect against double-paying any claims.

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