About the LandingCube Analytics Dashboard

LandingCube provides detailed analytics data on your promo campaigns and tracking links.

The main dashboard provides a summary of each campaign's analytics, such as page visitors, claims, conversion rate, and clicks/unique clicks (for tracking links).

We also provide detailed, per-campaign analytics data for each campaign. To access the per-campaign analytics dashbord, hit this icon for you chosen campaign.

This will bring up the analytics dashboard, which gives you in-depth data on your campaign's views and conversions, and insights on your customers.

To view analytics on a specific date range, use the date picker at the top-right of the page.

(Be aware, data is only available from 2020/11/10 onwards).

Scroll down the page to view info on traffic sources, devices and locations of your customers.

You can also view your customer claims for this campaign by clicking the "People" heading.

You can use this screen to download a CSV of your customers or to upload to your email marketing provider.


Anything you'd like to see on your analytics dashboard? Contact us and let us know!

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