How to verify your own domain with Facebook Ads Manager

After Facebook's iOS14 update for Facebook Ads you will need to verify your own domain before using the "Conversions" campaign objective. You must verify your own domain, since the LandingCube domain cannot be claimed a second time. This is because LandingCube ownership is already claimed.

If you need to connect your own domain with LandingCube, please click here for instructions.


To know if you need to verify your own domain, Facebook will display an error like this when attempting to choose an event in the ad builder.

To start this, you can click the gray "Go to Events Manager" button under the yellow error box from the screenshot above.

Now when the "Events Manager" page loads you will see a page like this below. Click on "Manage Domains".

Next step is to click "Add"

Add your domain that you own to the screen that appears and click "Add Domain"

If a new screen does not appear, reload/refresh the page, and it should now look like this. If needed, you can find this page from your Business Settings, look for the cog/gear icon and scroll down for "Brand Safety" followed by "Domains".

Now you just need to verify your ownership of the domain using the one of the 3 different options. The quickest will probably be the "Meta-tag Verification" or the "HTML File Upload". After successfully verifying your domain, you might need to refresh the page again to enter the next screen.

Next step is to go back to your "Events Manager" and in the "Overview" section, click on "Aggregated Event Measurement" followed by "Configure Web Events".

In the next screen that appears, click on your domain you added and click the "Edit Events" button,

On the screen the loads next, click the green "Add Event" button and start choosing your Pixel used on your domain and events you wish to build. Then set them in order of preference of highest to lowest.

Follow the remaining instructions on screen to apply your changes.

Once completed you can head back to your Ads Manager and your events will now be usable from the "Conversion Events" dropdown.


Please note, if your event is not present in the dropdown, visit your landing page again and activate the events by making a claim. This way Facebook receives the event data.

It can take up to an hour for Facebook to register your Custom Conversion to appear in the dropdown menu. Facebook won't always immediately have it available to use/click.

If some of your expected events are not appearing in the "Conversion Events" dropdown. Try clicking on "+ Define a New Custom Conversion".

Now manually adding the events using the directions Facebook supplies on the popup.

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