How to Use Amazon Attribution with LandingCube

The Amazon Attribution integration is available on LandingCube's Full-Time Seller, Individual Seller and Business plans. Our Amazon Attribution feature is currently available for only North American Amazon marketplaces. Additional marketplaces may be added in the future. Please note that LandingCube can only track the Attribution stats for campaigns built using LandingCube.

Amazon Attribution is an Amazon Advertising tool, letting you measure shopping data, such as purchases and add-to-carts, from your off-Amazon traffic.

LandingCube users on our Individual and Business plans can integrate their account with Amazon Attribution, to create Attribution tracking links with both landing page campaigns and short links.

Be aware that Amazon Attribution is available only to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and Vendor Central users.

Connecting Your Account

To start using the Amazon Attribution integration, first connect your Amazon seller account. You will need to log in and give our app access to your Attribution profile.

Go to the Integrations tab in your Account Settings ( Next to Amazon Attribution API, hit the Login with Amazon button.

From here, you will need to log in with your Amazon seller email and password, and allow LandingCube to access your Attribution profile.

Note: this login happens on LandingCube does not receive or have access to your Amazon username and/or password.

When you're done, you'll be redirected to the account settings page, where it should say Connected, and give you a list of any attribution profiles and advertisers in your account.

Adding Attribution Links to Your Landing Page

Create your landing page as normal. When you get to the Publish step, choose Amazon Attribution from the "Destination URL" dropdown.

LandingCube will automatically fill in your ASIN, and create a link with Amazon Attribution tracking parameters. Test that your product page opens correctly in the link, and hit Publish to finish.

Once connected to LandingCube and sending traffic, the campaign will be created automatically in your Amazon attribution dashboard. The Attribution data is delayed by Amazon for approximately 24-48 hours. Roughly after that length of time, you should start seeing data populate your dashboard.

Note: Amazon Attribution does not work with 2-step URLs, or Search Find Buy URLs. If you want to do Attribution tracking, you will need to drive buyers straight to your Amazon detail page.

Creating Attribution Tracking Links

To create a short link with Amazon Attribution, go to the Links page in your LandingCube account, and hit New Link. Choose the Amazon Attribution link type.

From here, create your link as normal; add your product URL, and LandingCube will create an Attribution tracking URL for your ASIN.

Add any more integrations you would like, such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel, then Publish.

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