How to publish / embed my Landing Pages on my own Website

Want to publish landing pages from your own domain?

All landing page campaigns are hosted and maintained on our servers. The default link to your landing pages will begin with "" - however, you can change this to have your landing page appear from a different URL, in one of three ways:

  1. Connecting a custom subdomain to your LandingCube account (recommended)
  2. Embedding your landing page on a blank page using an iframe embed code
  3. Using our WordPress plugin

Custom Subdomains

The cleanest and most reliable way to publish a landing page with a custom URL is to connect a custom subdomain to your account.

(To do this, you will need access to the DNS records for your domain, as well as membership on the Full-Time Seller or Large Business plan if you signed up before June 4th 2020).

To connect a domain, navigate to your account settings, and find the "Domains" tab.

Once here, click "Add Domain", and follow the instructions given to add a CNAME record with your domain host/registrar.

See a full walkthrough on adding custom subdomains here.

The Iframe Embed Code

Landing Cube comes with the ability to deploy your pages on your own site through the use of an interactive frame embed code, or “iframe” for short. Using an iframe is a really great way to ensure the functionality of your landing pages, no matter where they are.

When using an iframe, you create an interactive window to the content, meaning any interactions are still handled by the original host. This means your signups, promo codes, customer data, etc. will all continue to work as expected because your viewers are still accessing the landing page on our servers, but viewing it on your webpage.

If you've ever seen a YouTube video published within another web page, that's an iframe embed code.

Once your landing page is published, your iframe embed code will be available in the Dashboard. 

From the additional options, select "Publish"

This will bring up the options for publishing your landing page:

To publish your page with the embed code, all you need to do is copy and paste this code into your webpage's HTML. (Or if you are using a CMS, like WordPress, place it into any HTML-capable field you want your landing page to appear). 

If you use WordPress, simply paste your code snippet into the page editor.

Here's a video on how that is done:

Same for Shopify – simply paste the script into your page editor.

Your landing page will be nested between your website’s header and footer.

The WordPress Plugin

Alternatively, you can download our plugin for WordPress. This may be preferable to using an iframe embed code, as your landing page will fill the screen, appearing as it would when you view the landing page through the original link.

If your site is on WordPress, the plugin is a great way to quickly and easily publish your campaigns on your own domain.

See this article for detailed steps on how to download and use the LandingCube WordPress plugin.

And that’s all there is to deploying your landing pages on your own site.

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