How To Add Custom Scripts to Your Landing Page

While only plain text can be added in the design part of the page editor, LandingCube pages have a space for custom tracking codes to be added. 

Note that Google Analytics tracking and the Facebook Pixel code have already been installed on each landing page. View our articles on integrating LandingCube with the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

To enable the custom code field, navigate to the "Integrations" tab of your promo. Under "Integrations", find "Custom Tracking Code".

Set this to "On". You will have two separate fields to add your code.

Landing Page Code: code added to this field will trigger when a visitor views your page.

Conversion Code: code added to this field will trigger when someone claims a coupon on your page.

NOTE: The opening and closing <script> tags will automatically be added to your code. Adding these tags to the custom code field may cause your code to break.

Click "Save & Continue" to ensure your changes are added to your landing page.

To check whether your code is working, view your page in a new browser or with cookies refreshed, and see whether the desired result occurs.

This field can be used for a wide range of custom scripts, including tracking and analytics tools, popups, and messenger/customer service bots.

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