LandingCube & GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important piece of legislation that is designed to strengthen and unify data protection laws for all individuals within the European Union. The regulation became effective and enforceable on the 25th of May 2018.

Please note: we're not lawyers, so please consult with an attorney when in doubt.

What is LandingCube doing about GDPR?

We have been working to guarantee LandingCube's own compliance, and assessing how it will affect our own customers. We are fully committed to achieving GDPR compliance.

Here’s an abbreviated version of what we've done to be compliant with GDPR:

  • Research the areas of our product & business impacted by GDPR - COMPLETE
  • Consult with EU attorneys specializing in GDPR compliance - COMPLETE
  • Rewrite our terms of service - COMPLETE
  • Rewrite our privacy policy - COMPLETE
  • Communicate our updated terms & privacy compliance to our users - COMPLETE
  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer - COMPLETE
  • Roll out internal procedures & documents lining out our compliance - COMPLETE
  • Conduct employee training - COMPLETE
  • Perform changes/improvements to our products based on GDPR requirements - COMPLETE

Does GDPR apply to you?

Probably not. If you aren't incorporated in the EU, do not sell on Amazon Europe, and if you don't target customers inside of the EU, GDPR does not apply to you. This describes the majority of our customers.

However, GDPR applies to you if you have customers, users, or web traffic from the EU. (Meaning, you use LandingCube to promote your Amazon EU products.)

Which product changes has LandingCube made?

To facilitate GDPR compliance, we've added the following features.

Consent checkbox

Lets users add a consent checkbox to their opt-in forms, such as "I'd like to receive email updates on future promotions".

If your users don't check the checkbox, they'll still receive their coupon code. However, they won't be forwarded to your email provider.

You can turn on the EU GDPR Checkbox in your Settings.

Go to EU GDPR -

Turn on and click Save at the bottom -

Once enabled, you'll see consent checkboxes on your forms:

Consent log

If you've decided to turn on LandingCube's GDPR checkbox, LandingCube now stores the consent status (eg. consent given? true/false), and the text of the consent checkbox (eg. "I'd like to receive email updates on future promotions").

To view your customer's consent status, please navigate to the Customers screen and click export.

What do LandingCube customers need to do?

The biggest change for LandingCube users is that going forward, if you want to send marketing emails to EU users after they receive a discount, you'll have to get their consent.

If GDPR applies to you, you may want to do the following:

  1. Make sure your terms of service and privacy policy used on LandingCube landing pages properly communicate to your users how you’re using our LandingCube.
  2. You may want to enable LandingCube's GDPR checkbox feature, and/or enable double optin. This makes sure you have your customers' consent to market to them.
  3. Sign our data processing agreement.

Handling data export & deletion requests

Under GDPR, your EU users have the right to request a copy of all personal data you have on them. They also have "the right to be forgotten", meaning you delete all data you have on them.

Exporting data

To get all the data LandingCube has on a user, simply navigate to the Customers screen, and export your data. Then, search the spreadsheet for your customer's email and/or name.

Deleting data

If one of your users requests their data to be permanently deleted, please contact LandingCube support and we'll be able to assist you.

Where can I learn more about GDPR?

There are many great resources that help you get ready for GDPR. To get started, read the General Data Protection Regulation as published by the European Parliament.

Third Party services you may be using with LandingCube

Depending on how you’ve configured LandingCube, you may use some of the following services with LandingCube. Please familiarize yourself with the terms, privacy policy & GDPR information of any services you may use.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Zapier
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Klaviyo

For more details about how we collect and use data, you can read our updated Terms and Conditions and updated Privacy Policy.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about GDPR compliance.

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