Product URL is not working

This article is to help troubleshoot problems that may occur when creating a new campaign and importing your product information from Amazon.

There are three situations to consider: when our system displays an error message, when the campaign creator does not start at all, and when it takes longer than expected (the maximum time is 3 minutes to pull your product data).

Campaign Creator Doesn't Start

When you paste your product URL in the field provided, our software should automatically start working.

If you paste in your URL and nothing happens (the "New Campaign" button is greyed out), there may be an issue stopping our software from working.

The most common reason is something on your device, browser, or network blocking our app.

Particularly, anything that blocks Javascript will stop our app from running.

Some VPN software is known to block Javascript, in which case, vital parts of our app will not be able to function.

Some things you can try to solve the issue are:

  • Use a different browser,
  • Use an incognito/private window on your browser,
  • If you're using a VPN, try turning it off,
  • If you aren't, try accessing with a VPN.

If none of these steps help, reach out to our helpful support team to look into the issue further.

"Incorrect URL"

If this error message shows, first check that your product URL is correct.

This URL should be the regular product listing URL. Any link shorteners, affiliate links or special links such as 2-step URLs will not work to import your product info.

(You can add special links as your landing page's CTA button at a later step, under "Publish" and scroll down to find the "Claim Settings". See the article on our URL builder feature).

Also, ensure this is an Amazon URL. LandingCube currently only works for Amazon products.

In rare cases, our software may have trouble crawling Amazon to pull your product info. If you are sure the product info is correct, try refreshing your browser cache (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Cmd + Shift + R on Mac), and input your URL again.

If you still have problems, please contact our helpful support team.

Campaign Creator Is Loading For More Than 3 Minutes

We're constantly making improvements to our campaign creator, to ensure it is fast and reliable.

However, depending on server load and several other factors, it can take up to 3 minutes in some cases.

If it is stuck at "Importing product data from Amazon" for longer than this, it is likely there is a problem.

The most common thing is a temporary caching issue, which is easily fixed.

Just reload the page and refresh your browser cache (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Cmd + Shift + R on Mac). In most cases, this will clear the problem.

If you continue to have the same problem, please reach out to our helpful support team, and we'll be happy to investigate further.

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