What If I Don't Have the Buy Box?

If your product has multiple sellers, you can drive traffic to your listing so that people will purchase from you when they click "Buy Now" - even if you don't have the Buy Box.

You can create a link to your Amazon product using your Amazon Merchant ID in the URL, which will direct people to buy from you, instead of other sellers on the same listing.

How to Create a Merchant ID URL

The quickest and easiest way to create a merchant-specific URL is to first build a storefront URL.

You can do this using our URL builder, or by going to your storefront manually.

If you do the manual route, open your Amazon storefront and find the product you want to link to. You may want to search for a keyword to make it easier.

Once you've located the product in your Amazon storefront, click on the product, and you'll be taken to the product listing. 

Check the Buy Box (on the right side, where it says "Buy Now"), and your seller name should appear where it says "sold by ..."

That's it! You can copy this URL, and anyone who clicks through and makes a purchase will buy from you.

How to Put Your Merchant ID URL into LandingCube

You can easily use your merchant ID URL with any LandingCube campaign.

For a promotional campaign (landing pages or Messenger bots), first generate your campaign using the regular product listing URL.

When you get to the "Publish" step, go to the "Claim Settings" section, and select "Any URL" from the "Destination URL" menu.

Paste your merchant ID URL into the "Redirect URL" field.

Publish your campaign, and people who click through from your campaign will go through this link (and buy from your merchant ID).

You can also create and use a 2-step storefront URL here, which will also direct people to buy from your merchant ID.

The only difference here is that customers will need to make an additional click to get to the product listing, clicking through from your storefront page.


If you're using our Link Shortener, first follow the same steps to create a product listing URL with your merchant ID.

Create a link by clicking "New Link", and choose "Any URL".

Put your merchant ID URL in the "Redirect URL" field.

Give your link a name, and follow the rest of the steps (adding Facebook Pixel tracking/any other analytics code) to finish creating your link.

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