How to Upload Promo Codes to Your Campaign

When you create a promo landing page or Messenger campaign with LandingCube, you'll need to create and upload promo codes to finalize your campaign.

All you have to do is set everything up on Amazon, upload your codes, and then our software will handle distribution once your customer claims a code.

This article shows you how to add codes to your campaign.

Supported Code Types

There are two different types of code you can add to your campaign: Single-Use codes or Group (multi-use) codes.

Note that one campaign can only have one type of code. Meaning, if you create a campaign with a Group code, you can't later upload a batch of Single-Use codes to the same campaign. You'll need to create a fresh campaign.

Single-Use Codes

For a walkthrough on how to create single-use codes in Amazon, see this article:

Once you've created your promotion in Amazon, download your code file.

In your campaign setup, go to the Publish step. 

Choose Single Use Promo Codes from the Promo Code Type dropdown, then hit Browse, and find the code file you downloaded from Amazon.

Select the code file, upload, and double-check that the file name shows where "No file selected" was.

Finish up by saving your campaign.

Watch this for a video walkthrough:

Group Codes

A Group code is a single code that can be used more than once.

This is most often a code created in the Seller Central promotions tab, however it is an open text field - you can put anything you'd like as your code here.

You can create a promotion such as Percentage-Off, Buy One Get One or Free Shipping with a Group Claim Code. You can also use this to integrate your campaign with a Social Media Promo.

To do so, just use the Social Media Promo code as your Group code here, and add the link to your Social Media Promo landing page as your Destination URL.

Here's how to add a Group code to your promotion:

Go through the campaign setup as normal. At the Publish step, choose Group Claim Code from the Promo Code Type dropdown.

In the Promo code field, type or paste your Group code.

Save your campaign to finish.

Watch this for a video walkthrough:


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