My Promo Page is not working.

If you believe your promo page is not working as expected, there could be a few different reasons for this that are listed below.

Please follow the guide to assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

An error has occured :(

If after building a landing page and while trying to test the sign-up feature you get the message "An error has occured :(", please try again -  but with a different IP address.

This is related to LandingCube's anti-abuse feature - When doing a test claim - as long as your IP address is different when you make a claim, then the landing page will work. For example, when testing, make the landing page on your Wi-Fi network, then test on your phone with a data connection.

Anti-Abuse Feature.

LandingCube is designed to send out unique, single-use promo codes. Because of this, each promo code you upload should only be sent out once.

Please note, if you perform a coupon claim, a new promo code will not be sent to the same IP address and/or email address if you have already claimed a promo code previously. Some of our users have attempted to test the coupon deployment feature and because the same promo code keeps appearing for them, they think the system is not working. This is intentional and is working as planned as per LandingCubes's Anti-Abuse Feature.

It should not be possible with our software for the same code to be given out to two different people with different IP addresses and emails. Our coupon delivery software is also designed to detect and remove duplicate codes from your coupon code file. 

If you see this happening, it is most likely due to our Anti-Abuse features.

This is designed to block people from claiming multiple codes from the same IP address and/or email address.

If the settings are enabled (they are by default), anyone trying to claim a code who has done so earlier, will still receive the same code. This will still be the case even if you delete the old codes and/or upload a new set of codes.

The IP and/or email block will only be reset if the person claims a coupon on a different campaign. This includes if you duplicate the original campaign.

Sorry, sale has ended

This usually happens when the LandingCube user is testing the promo pages to see how the coupons are delivered.

Most likely you are seeing "Sorry, sale has ended" because you are making a coupon claim on a promo page that did not have coupons added.

If you then add coupons to the promo page and attempt to make another claim, LandingCube's Anti-Abuse feature will kick in -

LandingCube's Anti-Abuse feature will think you are a user attempting to make multiple coupon claims and prevent you from taking any more coupons. This will only impact you and will not impact other users if they are using a different IP address and email address.

To remedy this, while you are testing to make sure the coupons are working, we suggest you turn off the Anti-Abuse features in your "Settings" on the Dashboard, now make a test claim which should now deploy a coupon for you, then turn the Anti-Abuse features on again.

Out of promo codes.

If you create a Promo Page and do not add any promo codes, the page will be set to "Out of promo codes" and will not deliver any codes to users when attempted.

To fix this you will need to create and upload your promo codes to your Promo Page - for more instructions click here - How to Upload Promo Codes to Your Campaign or How to Create Single Use Amazon Promo Codes


If your Promo Page is set to "Scheduled", this means the promo codes will not deploy until the correct time.

To fix this, you will need to edit your Promo Page by going to the "Basics" page and scrolling to the bottom and look for the "Campaign runs" section. Click on the dropdown to edit the calendar with the appropriate dates you need (make sure the date corresponds to your coupons validity) and then click "Apply" and finally "Save & Continue" at the bottom.

If none of these solutions work, please contact our awesome support team here.

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